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Andrea Lynch
Creative Director
Elle Decoration

Angela Pertusini
Editor Property Section
The Daily Telegraph

Carlo Jolly
Head of Publishing and Media
ACS International Schools

Darcy Doyle
Art Director

Ian Hart
Senior Designer
ASDA Magazine

Jane Moss
Picture Editor
Institue of Directors

Jasmina Jambresic
Art Editor, Travel section
Saturday Telegraph

Katty Van Italie
Art Director
Country Living Gardener

Kimberley Brubaker
Brubaker Design
Organic Gardening

Laura Eagleton
Dads Army Magazine(Part-works)

Niki Webb
Managing Director
Specialist Magazines

Paul Craven
Associate Art Director
Golf For Women Magazine

Sue Foll
Art Editor, Travel Section
The Times

Tom Reynolds
Art Editor at large
The Sunday Times

Yvonne Duran
Art Director
Beverley Hills Magazine

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We have asked a few recent clients to comment on how they have found working with us, the process and our attitude. If they are happy with our services then we are sure you will be.

If you would like to add a comment or criticism then please forward it to:

Michael was commissioned in January 2005 to create artwork for our Dad's Army magazine collection. We choose Michael because of his ability to create wonderfully illustrative maps and beautifully designed buildings so full of character - which was just what we needed to bring to life the fictional town of Walmington-on-Sea. Just as we'd expected, the illustrations were truly first-rate. I look forward to working with him again.

Laura Eagleton
Dads Army Magazine(Part-works)